USPS Mail Vape Ban


Deep inside the recently passed stimulus and omnibus bill was a small portion that bans the shipment of vapes and any related accessories through the USPS. This relates to any vape products, whether with nicotine or without, whether a complete vape or just a coil, a bottle of juice or a bundle of coil cotton.

This law does not apply to any other cbd products which are not vapes. We will still be able to ship gummies, sublingual, topicals, and all other products which are not electronic vape related. Essentially think of how all everything in our life is moving towards technology, the new law is now sending vape users back to the days of lighters and torches.

Fedex has also announced they will no longer allow the shipment of vapes through their service beginning March.

This has been done by our United States Congress and Senate and Signed by the President. Please contact your local state representative to tell them this law is unjust and should be repealed.

This is beyond unfortunate that the law makers have decided to ban something that has helped millions of people achieve a healthier lifestyle while causing many more to be pushed back to cigarettes.

As of now the law is amazingly vague, we are hoping there will be some clarification which will allow for the shipment of non-nicotine devices, such as CBD products, but sensibility is usually hard to come by with these things, especially during these times.

With that being said we are recommending to our clients to stock up while you still can, as we are unsure as to how we will be shipping vape products starting in April and what shipping prices will look like then.



13th Jan 2021 VapeBrat

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