VapeBrat Effects Line Disposable CBD Vape Pen : Pain 4500mg

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  • VapeBrat Effects Line Disposable CBD Vape Pen : Pain 4500mg
  • VapeBrat Effects Line Disposable CBD Vape Pen : Pain 4500mg
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 Over the past 3 years the Relegated Renegades, led by the VapeBrat, have listened carefully to the feedback you have given us regarding our Disposable CBD Pens. 

The VapeBrat Effects Line of Disposable CBD Vape Pens have been in the works for over 2 years.  VapeBrat and crew were constantly testing and evolving formula's, engineering and proofing designs.

Finally the time has come to reveal the VapeBrat's most tailored CBD Vape Pens to date, the VapeBrat Effects Line!

Consisting of 5 different Effects Sleep, Energy, Focus, Pain, Pleasure, each profile is formulated with a specific Terpene + Cannabinoid structure, to achieve optimal results each and every time.

The high quality stylish pen design creates an amazingly smooth and seamless experience, providing the perfect inhalation airflow with never a need to suck. 

"We spent just as much time fine tuning the formulations effects as we did with its taste so we are sure you will enjoy both tremendously." (VapeBrat, Nov 2020)

Pain Vape Pen Terpene Profile:

  • 25% Linalool - effects are Analgesic, Relaxation, Sleep.
  • 75% Caryophylenne - effects are Relaxation.

Pain Vape Pen Flavor Profile:

  • Spice
  • Wood
  • Spicy Citrus
  • Floral

CBD Content:

  • Formulation: Broad Spectrum CBD
  • MG Strength: 4500mg Formula (75mg Per Tank)​
  • CBD Oil Content: .5ml
  • Puffs: 300

What Are Terpenes?

Our effect line focuses on the power of terpenes combined with cannabinoids to achieve the maximum desired effect.

Terpenes, the unsung hero of the hemp world are found in a variety of plants and have a major impact on flavor and effect.

As an educated CBD consumer you will focus on both the terpene and cannabinoid content when choosing which option is best for you.

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